Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Updated Press Release for Increase the Dosage

Here's an updated press release for Increase the Dosage. If anyone would like to submit this to music reviewers, magazines or even friends, I would highly appreciate it. Thanks!


The latest Revolution Void album Increase the Dosage has been released for free under a Creative Commons license.

Revolution Void combines electronic beats with jazz improvisation to create a unique style of music termed Electronic Breakbeat Jazz. The album Increase the Dosage features guest performances by musicians such as Seamus Blake (the Mingus Big Band), Michael Shrieve (Santana) and Matthew Garrison (Herbie Hancock). The album was released initially on 4/4/2004 but the short-run self-released pressing quickly sold out. It was released again on 9/25/05 in a web package with full album art. The web package is a self-contained website with hyperlinks directly from the tracklist to MP3 sound files. It features 4 pages of full-color artwork by Seattle artist Shawn Wolfe. (view web package)

Additionally, it is being hosted by the Internet Archive as variable-bitrate MP3, .Ogg and lossless .FLAC format.

Excerpt from All Music Guide review by Matt Borghi:

The Revolution Void recording is excellent and shows quite a gifted blend of sounds that defy genre specification, coming together and becoming quite cohesive. This is a very eclectic recording and one that certainly rewards the listener with a palette for new and intriguing sound. This is a great disc, and one that listeners should definitely look into.

4/5 stars.

The album is available for download via the Internet Archive or as a web package via Additionally, it is being hosted as a BitTorrent file by Legal Torrents.

Contact: Jonah Dempcy /




lemmy caution said...

thanks for visiting my blog. i actually downloaded your album from the archive and really like it. keep it up!

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