Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let 1,000 Flowers Bloom

Hi all,

I just released a new album for your listening enjoyment. It's 100 minutes of music spanning funk, jazz, hiphop, minimal techno, disco, afro-beat and who knows what else. Quite an eclectic mix, 28 songs in all.

Here's the link:

Inspired by Hundertwasser's excellent essay Window Dictatorship and Window Rights I decided to stop segregating my music by genre and include a diverse range of styles, as well as tempos, song length and harmonic content. I guess you could say I stopped being such a control freak and decided to release an album that represents a wider range of sounds than previous Revolution Void releases. Don't worry, I still included some classic R.V. style jazzy breakbeat bangers! :)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Last.FM Artist Description

I have been using Last.FM off and on for a while (well, that is, I checked it out and thought "pretty cool" but haven't had enough time to really dig in). But, I was surprised to find that there is a Wiki page for each artist, and in my case, it had a pretty good bio! Check out my bio on Last.FM. Someone did a good job of getting info from my site and various places around the web and re-writing it. This is what I like about the user-generated content renaissance we are seeing on the web right now: Anyone can pro-actively create, modify and delete info on the web and the end result is surprisingly pretty good! (see Wikipedia et al)

Jamendo - Leader of the Online Music Revolution

I just can't say enough good things about Jamendo. It is a great organization dedicated to distributing Creative-Commons-licensed music to the masses, in a well-packaged, user-friendly and interactive web site. Shortly after announcing their 2000th album in Q4 of last year (2006), they announced that beginning January 1st, 2007, they will share 50% of advertising revenue with musicians on the site. Awesome! Here's my Jamendo page, where you can download music, discuss, review, tag and check out related artists: Revolution Void @ Jamendo

R.V. Featured in MediaBerkman Podcast

Music by R.V. has been used in a podcast by the Center for Citizen Media (in affiliation with AudioBerkman), Check it out!

On this inaugural podcast from the Center for Citizen Media,’s chief listener, Brittney Gilbert, talks to fellow hyperlocal blogger Lisa Williams of

Download the MP3.

Produced by Lisa Williams for the Center for Citizen Media.

Attribution: Music from this episode of the Center for Citizen Media Podcast was sampled from a track by Revolution Void, titled “Accelerated Lifestyle”.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

City Recursion

eightprime writes,
Hello All, I've got a new mix - City Recursion - up at google video. All video input is a series of still photographs I took of cityscapes here in Vancouver on a typically overcast day. The images are then run through a few different audio-responsive feedback chains I built in Pilgrim. Audio for the track is by Revolution Void and is CC licensed via Jamendo. I wasn't able to record and render the video internally on the computer (I think it's a glitch having to do with needing to render feedback loops (infinite regress) in finite timespans) so it's filmed off my studio wall with a handheld digicam. For all that, it turned out really well, I think. Comments and critique welcome. Questions about technique, Pilgrim or anything else, likewise welcome. More about me and what I do (along with strangeness and oddity) at cheers, -w.
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Sunday, November 26, 2006

This is a mix of oldskool breaks tracks I did circa 1996-1998. It has been released as WAV, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis formats. The music ranges from down- to mid-tempo funky breaks to up-tempo drum'n'bass and oldschool hardcore. The picture is by Alex Grande and the design is by Yuriko Miyamoto.

MP3 downloads:

View album information

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Miscellaneous Recordings - Thanksgiving 2006

I decided to post some miscellaneous recordings I had sitting around my hard drive.

All tunes are available as WAV/FLAC (highest quality), Ogg/variable bit-rate MP3 (standard quality) and 64 kbps MP3 (lowest quality).

Click here to stream the entire thing as variable bit-rate MP3:
[SND] JonahDempcyMiscellaneousTunes-Thanksgiving2006_vbr.m3u    

Or follow this link to download the entire thing in a zip file:
[   ] 

Alternately, you can click here to view all of the files associated with this release:
Otherwise, read on for a track-by-track description.

First up, here's a tune I made with the idea of using it for a film or video game soundtrack. This mix has an extended intro.
[SND] 3-4mellowpianofullmix-mastered.flac                         24-Nov-2006 02:15   18M
[SND] 3-4mellowpianofullmix-mastered.ogg                          24-Nov-2006 03:19  2.9M
[SND] 3-4mellowpianofullmix-mastered_64kb.mp3                     24-Nov-2006 03:17  2.0M
[SND] 3-4mellowpianofullmix-mastered_vbr.mp3                      24-Nov-2006 03:19  5.6M

This next tune is very much in-progress. The piano take will probably be replaced and overall the song will change quite a bit before its final release. Consider this a "demo" mix.
[SND] 190bpmGminorRendered.ogg                                    24-Nov-2006 03:18  3.9M
[SND] 190bpmGminorRendered_64kb.mp3                               24-Nov-2006 03:20  2.5M
[SND] 190bpmGminorRendered_vbr.mp3                                24-Nov-2006 03:18  5.6M

Now on to the piano recordings. This is a recording of an improvised 12-bar blues on acoustic piano:
[SND] acousticpiano-12barblues.flac                               24-Nov-2006 01:52   12M
[SND] acousticpiano-12barblues.ogg                                24-Nov-2006 03:19  2.3M
[SND] acousticpiano-12barblues_64kb.mp3                           24-Nov-2006 03:20  1.4M
[SND] acousticpiano-12barblues_vbr.mp3                            24-Nov-2006 03:20  4.5M  

Here's a short improv track with minor tonality and a walking bassline:
[SND] acousticpiano-minorenergeticwithwalkingbass.flac            24-Nov-2006 01:36  7.5M
[SND] acousticpiano-minorenergeticwithwalkingbass.ogg             24-Nov-2006 03:15  1.4M
[SND] acousticpiano-minorenergeticwithwalkingbass_64kb.mp3        24-Nov-2006 03:17  871K
[SND] acousticpiano-minorenergeticwithwalkingbass_vbr.mp3         24-Nov-2006 03:15  2.8M  

This is a short segue I made that would be suitable for transitioning between segments in a TV show, radio, film or other broadcast media.
[SND] balladmellowsegue.flac                                      24-Nov-2006 01:26  3.0M
[SND] balladmellowsegue.ogg                                       24-Nov-2006 03:15  639K 
[SND] balladmellowsegue_64kb.mp3                                  24-Nov-2006 03:15  394K
[SND] balladmellowsegue_vbr.mp3                                   24-Nov-2006 03:15  1.1M  

Finally, here's a take of some turntable scratching I did, using a Technics 1200 turntable, Rane TTM 450 mixer and an Ortofon DJ Pro needle.
[SND] vinyl-99BPM-squelchyexperimentalscratching.flac             24-Nov-2006 03:14   20M
[SND] vinyl-99BPM-squelchyexperimentalscratching.ogg              24-Nov-2006 03:16  3.3M
[SND] vinyl-99BPM-squelchyexperimentalscratching.wav              24-Nov-2006 03:14   42M
[SND] vinyl-99BPM-squelchyexperimentalscratching_64kb.mp3         24-Nov-2006 03:17  1.9M
[SND] vinyl-99BPM-squelchyexperimentalscratching_vbr.mp3          24-Nov-2006 03:16  5.5M

All of these tracks are released under a Creative Commons Attrib license, which means you can use them for pretty much anything you like (including using these songs in your own creations, be they commercial or otherwise) as long as you give credit.

So, go ahead and use these tracks in anything you like! Just give credit, and preferably a link (though not necessary).

Thanks for listening!


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dave's Imaginary Sound Space: Free Music Lunch 01

Revolution Void

Revolution Void Records is a netlabel run by jazz pianist and electronic music producer Jonah Dempcy. The label puts out remixes, collaborations and original music, by Jonah's Revolution Void project and other artists, in styles such as downtempo, electronic jazz (nu-jazz) and instrumental hiphop. Jonah uses Creative Commons licenses which make it easy for people to share and promote his work. Here's a video on YouTube which uses his track Weekend Amnesia as the soundtrack to episode 1 of Father Underground Returns.

The latest offering from Revolution Void is a 10 track instrumental album titled Thread Soul. It was released on 7-25-2006 under a Creative Commons Attrib-NonCommercial license which allows users to freely modify and distribute the album, for non-commercial purposes only.

Thread Soul is the follow-up to the excellent Increase the Dosage album released in 2004.

Read on ...


revolution void cover Revolution Void Effects Of Elevation Review by Thomas David Jazz musicians that make electronic music walk a tenuous path for a creative outlet. The risk of being labeled a smooth jazz musician must be considered for it can be the death of you. Smooth jazz doesn’t appeal to dancing young kids and adults, OR any jazz aficionado. Jonah Dempcy is a jazz trained musician attempting to walk that tenuous path while also committing what many would consider a marketing mistake... he’s giving away his music. Read more...


Link #120907 submitted by AB on Oct 16, 2006 11:03pm. (+350XP) Revolution Void is the music project of producer and jazz pianist Jonah Dempcy. Combining electronic music with live improvisation, the sound of Revolution Void is best described as electronic breakbeat jazz. * * * AB likes ♥s it!
Revolution Void

NetMusic on WSUM: Open Source Radio Show from Madison, WI

Show002 « NetMusic Radio on WSUM
Hey,we didn’t get canceled yet! For the show archives, we’re still working out the legalities of putting them up as a podcast, so be patient. Here’s what we had in store for you this show. By the way, if any of you are out and about the Madison campus, be aware of drive by dartings. Really. Open Source Audio ================================== Thierry Blanchard - Quincaillier de style - quincailler de style… Album Torrent Almost Acoustic Band - Live at Alligator Alley on 2004-03-12 - Old Home Place The Robin Cutler tracks were recorded live at the Corner Pocket in Bellingham, Washington. If you dig her or just like a wide varity of live music, check out their compilation CD Dead Air, Um, Dead Air Robin Cutler - [copo020] Self-Titled (December 5, 2005) - Waiting Robin Cutler - [copo020] Self-Titled (December 5, 2005) - Double Striped Socks Kaazim Zareb - [wh062] Miraaya - Yatzakkar Brendan Themes - Black Ink - Broken The Belvederes - Big City Waltz - Cabin To Cockpit Brad Sucks - I Don’t Know What I’m Doing - Time to Take out the Trash Sisters Of The Revolution - S/T - Shields to the Sun Revolution Void - Increase the Dosage - Double the Daily Dosage Album Torrent Revolution Void - Thread Soul - Encoded Designs Album Torrent Eduardo Gatti / Patrimonio Nacional de Chile - Butterfly On The Wind - Momentos Falling You - Touch - Less Likely to Believe Manu Cornet - Distance Temps - Silk Road Non-Open Source Audio I got darted in the back of the knee.


Day 239: Revolution Void-Invisible Walls

add to del.icio.usdigg it August 27th, 2006

220-RevolutionVoidIncreasetheDosage.1.jpgThe release is known as Increase the Dosage by Revolution Void. Jonah Dempcy is behind Revolution Void and has been making this release available at all levels of the Creative Commons pipeline. You can find it at Jamendo and, with links from locations like odeo and cchits and now you have the track Invisible Walls as Day 239 at CC:365.

The release is excellent and an interesting blend of two things I like a lot: studio wizardry and live studio talent. Dempcy is the brains behind the studio wizardry which he backs up with guest appearances by jazz notables such as Matthew Garrison (Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul) and Seamus Blake (Mingus Big Band, Kurt Rosenwinkel). Blake has a very nice solo on Invisible Walls (I’m a big Mingus Big Band fan and when they were playing thursday nights at Fez in NYC I made a point of seeing them if I was in the city). If you like your CC music to bend genres, then Increase the Dosage is for you.

Revolution Void-Invisible Walls (7:00)

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From Indieish : Your Free Music Daily » Day 239: Revolution Void-Invisible Walls

Saturday, September 09, 2006

"Effects of Elevation" Featured on Diesel-U-Music

The track Effects of Elevation has been featured as one of the weekly 8 picks by Diesel, as part of the Diesel-U-Music competition:
Revolution Void Effects of Elevation (4.75mb) USA, Electronic Artist website Link

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thread Soul on LegalTorrents

The latest Revolution Void album Thread Soul has been featured on the world's premier legal BitTorrent filesharing site, LegalTorrents. Excerpt:
» Revolution Void - 'Thread Soul' album [.MP3]08/22/0684 MBN/AN/AN/A97Visit
[ELECTRONIC, JAZZ, ALBUM] The latest electronic-jazz Revolution Void album from the talented Jonah Dempcy is called called 'Thread Soul'. It's a full-length release featuring collaborations with Lucas Pickford (bassist for Brian Blade) and Cochemea Gastelum (sax player for Fred Wesley, Robert Walter's 20th Congress), and jams things up in a deliciously good way - best of all, it's Creative Commons licensed, and freely distributable, so leech away! URL:

Monday, August 14, 2006

Revolution Void - Thread Soul (2006)

The latest Revolution Void album Thread Soul has been released under a Creative Commons license granting free distribution. The album Thread Soul features guest performances by Lucas Pickford (Brian Blade, Tiger Okoshi) and Cochemea Gastelum (Fred Wesley, Robert Walter’s 20th Congress).

Thread Soul was released to the public on 7-25-2006. Since its release, the album has rapidly spread through P2P networks such as BitTorrent. It is released under a Creative Commons Attrib-NonCommercial license which allows users to freely modify and distribute the album, as long as they do not use it in a commercial endeavor.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

R.V. Featured on Reloda

The Revolution Void songs Infornography and Effects Of Elevation were featured on the audioblog Reloda.

I'm a fan of Reloda because they have a nice, simple site layout, and concise, short reviews. (Or, quite commonly, no reviews at all-- just direct links). Although sometimes I prefer to read descriptions and reviews, other times I am happy to just randomly click through links and when I do, I'm usually pleasantly surprised by what I find.

Reloda - Free & Legal MP3 Album Downloads
Saturday, August 12, 2006

Foundry Field Recordings: Buy/Sell/Trade [MP3] from the free EP Fathers As Robots

Revolution Void: Infornography [MP3] from the free album Thread Soul

Revolution Void: Effects Of Elevation [MP3] from the free EP Effects Of Elevation

We & Lisa: Five EP’s including the song When You’re A Baby [MP3]

The Thieves Of Kailua: What Jus’ You Do Me [MP3] from the free album The Thieves Of Kailua

The Past: Two EP’s including the song Don’t Check The Facts [MP3]

Lots of free albums and EP’s from the euro-chic netlabel Alpinechic


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Father Underground Returns

The Revolution Void song Weekend Amnesia was featured in Episode 1 of the new online rotoscoped/animation series Father Underground Returns. Check it out!
Intro episode of a series of animated shorts

Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekend Amnesia Featured on Getting a Leg Up Podcast

The R.V. song Weekend Amnesia has been featured as a music bed on an episode of Mark Forman’s Getting a Leg Up Podcast.

Time to Chill Down again. Going crazy from the heat. Got some nice music and words that evoke images of relaxing on nice beaches with cool breezes. Some songs that sound like some well-known surfer turned singer-songwriter. Good summer mix over all.


Young Once    4:10    Alex McEwan
Understood By Your Dad     2:29    Brad Sucks
Conceal Me    3:54    Xavier Rudd
With Eyes CLosed    4:20    Kalai
Ninguem Faz Ideia    3:56    Lenine
Little Sparrow    4:41    Bettye LaVette
Back to the Mother    5:43    Jay Collins Band 
Y (Be Like That) (Jaydee Remix)    4:58    The Pharcyde
Mas Que Nada    4:01    Leo Gandelman
Badass bed: Weekend Amnesia    3:55    Revolution Void

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Download: icon for podpress 

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Increase the Dosage on Jamendo

I published Increase the Dosage on Jamendo about 1 month ago and it's already had 27 reviews, nearly one review per day. I'm amazed, because I've only had 2 reviews in over a year on the Internet Archive. (Link) Check out Jamendo's page for Increase the Dosage here: Link

Thursday, July 13, 2006

R.V. Featured on TomorrowJazz

The track Invisible Walls has been featured on the online radio station TomorrowJazz. Check it out!

Online Jazz Radio Station: TomorrowJazz
Over nine hours of future jazz: nu-jazz, remixed jazz, acid jazz, chill, fusion, and more!

Rating: Excellent (61 votes)
Rated by: 61 people
Audio: CD 64 kbps mp3PRO
Website: Broadcaster's Website

The Prophet King Mix Tape

The R.V. track Accelerated Lifestyle was featured on a mixtape by The Prophet King. It can be downloaded here: 2006-07-12T12_26_32-07_00.mp3


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Music Featured in Slow Brew Podcast

My music has been featured in the Slow Brew Podcast, a weekly podcast by writer & beer connoisseur Donavan Hall. Donavan is also the editor of The Angler, an alternative literary magazine showcasing new and experimental fiction. His podcasts and writings are very interesting and informative. I highly recommend checking them out! Links:

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Press Release for Effects of Elevation


For immediate release.

File under: Electronic Jazz

The latest single from Revolution Void, Effects of Elevation, has been released under a Creative Commons license granting free online distribution.

The 3-song single features an original track by Revolution Void along with remixes by Citizen Prime and Sevenless.

Citizen Prime's remix combines a house groove with piano and bass solos on top. The airtight 4-to-the-floor rhythm propels the song as it progresses through solos, breakdowns and builds.

The Sevenless remix incorporates IDM, glitch and industrial genres, while retaining a distinctive sound. The remix begins slowly, eventually building into epic proportions with a guitar-laden breakbeat chorus.

Combining electronic breaks with jazz improvisation, Effects of Elevation is a unique example of the interesection where modern jazz and modern electronic music meet.

The release features guest musician Matthew Garrison on bass. Matt is known for his work with Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul and others. Additionally, track 3 features vocal samples by Ill-esha, known for her work as both a DJ and vocalist.

It is available for full download as variable-bitrate MP3 from the Revolution Void homepage, as well as OurMedia and the Internet Archive.

Printable cover art accompanies the release, illustrated and designed by Yuriko Miyamoto.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Effects of Elevation Single Released

The Effects of Elevation single has been released, featuring remixes by Citizen Prime and Sevenless. It's available as high-quality VBR MP3 download, with cover art by Yuriko Miyamoto. Check it out! URL:

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Magwerk - PlayMusic Magazine

An advertisement for Increase the Dosage was included in this month's issue of PlayMusic magazine. (it's on page 77). PlayMusic is one of 3 online magazines released by Magwerk, along with Encore (art and design) and Probe (videogames). The magazines are presented in an intuitive Flash GUI, where you can turn pages by clicking the corners of pages, or skip to pages with a navbar along the bottom. Much of the content is interactive and virtually every page is animated, but the animation is subtle and doesn't distract from the text. Check it out!

R.V. Review on Free Albums Galore

Here's an excerpt from a review of Increase the Dosage on Free Albums Galore:
One track, “Weekend Amnesia”, may have the first jazz turntable solo I have ever heard. I am usually not impressed by most electronic / jazz hybrids but Revolution Void catches my attention. There is a really nice groove going on here that shouldn’t be miss by anyone liking jazz, acid jazz, or jazz-based electronica.
I emailed the author to recommend Kid Koala, who is a pioneer of jazz turntable improvisation. Kid Koala actually scratches in pitch, believe it or not!

Friday, December 23, 2005

New single to be released Feb-Mar '06

The first single from Increase the Dosage is set for a tentative web-release of February-March 2006. It will feature remixes by Citizen Prime and Sevenless. The cover art will be by Yuriko Miyamoto.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

bahgheera's orbit

Increase the Dosage was featured on bagheera's orbit with a nice capsule-review:
Revolution Void - Increase The Dosage Jamming breakbeats with jazzy instrumentation. Now this is the way jazz should be done! A modern mixture of old school jazz and new school electro.
Unfortunately the cover art was cropped to a square, so it would fit in with the rest of the CDs. But I suppose it's easier to print and find a case for a square cover, so I understand. To see the full cover (which is a bit wider), click here.
In any case, I'm happy the CD got featured. Thanks, bahgheera!

Saturday, December 10, 2005


The R.V. song Double the Daily Dose was featured on the podcast DailySonic. From the site,
Dailysonic is a free MP3 magazine for the hip and eclectic. Get new episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and a music mix from a different guest every weekend.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Updated Press Release for Increase the Dosage

Here's an updated press release for Increase the Dosage. If anyone would like to submit this to music reviewers, magazines or even friends, I would highly appreciate it. Thanks!


The latest Revolution Void album Increase the Dosage has been released for free under a Creative Commons license.

Revolution Void combines electronic beats with jazz improvisation to create a unique style of music termed Electronic Breakbeat Jazz. The album Increase the Dosage features guest performances by musicians such as Seamus Blake (the Mingus Big Band), Michael Shrieve (Santana) and Matthew Garrison (Herbie Hancock). The album was released initially on 4/4/2004 but the short-run self-released pressing quickly sold out. It was released again on 9/25/05 in a web package with full album art. The web package is a self-contained website with hyperlinks directly from the tracklist to MP3 sound files. It features 4 pages of full-color artwork by Seattle artist Shawn Wolfe. (view web package)

Additionally, it is being hosted by the Internet Archive as variable-bitrate MP3, .Ogg and lossless .FLAC format.

Excerpt from All Music Guide review by Matt Borghi:

The Revolution Void recording is excellent and shows quite a gifted blend of sounds that defy genre specification, coming together and becoming quite cohesive. This is a very eclectic recording and one that certainly rewards the listener with a palette for new and intriguing sound. This is a great disc, and one that listeners should definitely look into.

4/5 stars.

The album is available for download via the Internet Archive or as a web package via Additionally, it is being hosted as a BitTorrent file by Legal Torrents.

Contact: Jonah Dempcy /



Friday, November 11, 2005

Recent songs published to

Here are some new (and old) songs I uploaded to So far I've released a few miscellaneous older R.V. tunes, but mostly I'm putting out soundtrack music. For these soundtrack songs I'm simply releasing them under my own name, and hoping to find parties interested in licensing them for film, videogames, etc. Revolution Void - Shangri-La (downtempo mix)
(1998) Atmospheric synth pads with a downtempo breakbeat.

Download (9.3MB audio)

Fri, November 11, 2005 - 7:34 PM permalink
(1998) Atmospheric pads and synth melodies, culminating in an uptempo acid breakbeat groove.

Download (13.8MB audio)

Fri, November 11, 2005 - 7:23 PM permalink
(2001) This is an excerpt of a performance recorded live at Contour nightclub on 4-1-2001. R.V. live sets are made by mixing and matching loops on the fly, incorporating a range of electronic styles such as breaks, house, trance and techno. It is presented as a non-stop mix like a DJ set. The full set will be uploaded shortly.

Download (6.5MB audio)

Fri, November 11, 2005 - 6:53 PM permalink
(2005) The song begins with solo electric guitar and quickly progresses into a driving breakbeat. An infectious Hammond organ loop propels the groove while horns and a string section provide atmosphere. Well-suited for a videogame soundtrack or action scene in a film.

Download (6.6MB audio)

Thu, November 10, 2005 - 5:36 PM permalink
(2005) Begins with uptempo breakbeat groove and horn section. The bridge is announced with an arpeggiated harpsichord lick and chord progression. Well-suited for a soundtrack to an action scene.

Download (4.7MB audio)

Thu, November 10, 2005 - 12:59 AM permalink

Sunday, October 30, 2005


I just signed up for an account with Plurn (playlist-burner) and made a playlist for Increase the Dosage. Plurn is a site for sharing playlists of music that's been released on the web. None of the sound files are hosted by Plurn, rather, they just host a playlist with URL's to the sound files. This makes it very easy to create and share playlists of music that is hosted on sites like the Internet Archive.
New song uploaded: Moving

Friday, October 28, 2005


The links just keep comin' in! The latest is from independent online radio station BLUEPEAR RADIO who have put up a link to on their sidebar. Thanks, BLUEPEAR! One of the nice things about BLUEPEAR is that they have a wide range of musical genres represented. Scrolling through their list of artists featured, I see jam-bands like Karl Denson & Charlie Hunter, jazz greats like Thelonious Monk, a wide variety of classic and contemporary rock, and quite a miscellany of other artists that don't fit into genres so easily. On the one hand, it's nice to find a niche website that caters to a very specific genre of music, but on the other, sites such as BLUEPEAR have the ability to open your ears to styles of music you might not normally listen to.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dave's Imaginary Sound Space

Dave's Imaginary Sound Space (DISS) is a site by Dave Holmes, that covers such topics as (in his own words) "digital audio & music, podcasting, video, multimedia, open content tools, & sundry exotic web references." Sounds like that covers just about everything interesting about the internet. ;) Definitely my kind of site ... Check out the great review of Increase the Dosage, reproduced in its entirety: ###
Revolution Void is a music project that blends electronic styles with live improvisation. The project is masterminded by the talented young producer, jazz pianist and DJ Jonah Dempcy who describes the combination of improvised jazz, funk and hip-hop as 'electronic breakbeat jazz'.
'Increase The Dosage' is an 11 track album currently distributed under a Creative Commons license. Originally released on CD in the spring of 2004, 'Increase The Dosage' is now widely available online for free legal download including album artwork.
The line-up of accomplished musicians weave an intricate framework of danceable instrumental arrangements. Journey through soundscapes of down-to mid-tempo tracks with funky syncopated breakbeats, dub and funk bass lines, DJ cuts and scratches, improvised sax and trumpet solos, moody jazz keyboards and occasional vocal parts. This is quality music with attitude and direction that is sure to get plenty of attention from podcasters and the P2P community. Check the website out for more Revolution Void music and collaborations.
Project Websites
Album Distribution Sites
Internet Archive - streaming audio and download file formats: Flac, Ogg Vorbis, 64Kbps MP3, VBR MP3. - Bittorrent download of MP3 audio and artwork 97 MB.
minova - Bittorrent 192kbps mp3 w/album art by Shawn, 96.87 megabyte.
Track List
1. Invisible Walls 6:59 2. Factum par Fictio 8:37 3. Habitual Ritual 6:05 4. Effects of Elevation 5:12 5. The Modern Divide 5:05 6. Weekend Amnesia 5:58 7. Double the Daily Dose 3:55 8. Obscure Terrain 3:42 9. Accelerated Lifestyle 8:10 10. Headphonetic 6:36 11. Nebulous Notions 6:57
Runtime: 67:22
All songs written and produced by Jonah Dempcy.
Jonah Dempcy - Hammond B-3, Rhodes, keyboards, scratching
Matthew Garrison - Bass on tracks 2 and 4
Seamus Blake - Sax on tracks 1 and 2
Darryl Estes - Sax on tracks 3, 7 and 10
Nicolas Manel - Guitar on track 9
Michael Shrieve - Drumloop source material on track 5
Dave Hill, jr. - Drumloop source material on tracks 2, 5, 9, 10
Steven Burke - Drumloop source material on track 1
James Rotondi - Bassloop source material on tracks 1, 4, 5, 7-11
Gino Srdjan Yevdjevich and Elysha Zaide - Vocals on track 5
### Wow, just wow. I'm truly honored. Talk about a detailed feature! He included just about every web link I have, as well as writing a review of the album that's much better than my current press kit. I've got to hire this guy to do my PR! ;) Thanks, Dave!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Legal Torrents

Legal Torrents ^ BitTorrent release of Revolution Void - Increase the Dosage (complete 192kbps mp3 with album art) I love Legal Torrents -- I subscribe to their RSS feed and download from them all the time! They are a great resource for Creative-Commons-licensed and otherwise legally-distributable works. Besides music, they also have audiobooks, films and more. Legal Torrents is a hallmark of the information-age rennaisance. Live it up!

Friday, October 14, 2005

featured on In-Tune, Starfrosch & Knobtweakers

Thanks to the recent post on In-Tune, R.V. has now been featured on Starfrosch and Knobtweakers. All three sites showcase new, underground electronic music. So, check 'em out and show your support!

Monday, October 10, 2005

oldschool breaks mix

This is a mix of old R.V. tunes from 1996-98. It starts off as midtempo funky breaks and progresses into uptempo acid breaks, jungle and oldschool hardcore.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

R.V. releases Breakbeat Jazz album - free full download with art by Shawn Wolfe

The latest Revolution Void album Increase the Dosage has been released to the public under a Creative Commons license.

The web-release comes with artwork by Shawn Wolfe.

It's available for download at

### Technorati tags: