Thursday, November 23, 2006

Miscellaneous Recordings - Thanksgiving 2006

I decided to post some miscellaneous recordings I had sitting around my hard drive.

All tunes are available as WAV/FLAC (highest quality), Ogg/variable bit-rate MP3 (standard quality) and 64 kbps MP3 (lowest quality).

Click here to stream the entire thing as variable bit-rate MP3:
[SND] JonahDempcyMiscellaneousTunes-Thanksgiving2006_vbr.m3u    

Or follow this link to download the entire thing in a zip file:
[   ] 

Alternately, you can click here to view all of the files associated with this release:
Otherwise, read on for a track-by-track description.

First up, here's a tune I made with the idea of using it for a film or video game soundtrack. This mix has an extended intro.
[SND] 3-4mellowpianofullmix-mastered.flac                         24-Nov-2006 02:15   18M
[SND] 3-4mellowpianofullmix-mastered.ogg                          24-Nov-2006 03:19  2.9M
[SND] 3-4mellowpianofullmix-mastered_64kb.mp3                     24-Nov-2006 03:17  2.0M
[SND] 3-4mellowpianofullmix-mastered_vbr.mp3                      24-Nov-2006 03:19  5.6M

This next tune is very much in-progress. The piano take will probably be replaced and overall the song will change quite a bit before its final release. Consider this a "demo" mix.
[SND] 190bpmGminorRendered.ogg                                    24-Nov-2006 03:18  3.9M
[SND] 190bpmGminorRendered_64kb.mp3                               24-Nov-2006 03:20  2.5M
[SND] 190bpmGminorRendered_vbr.mp3                                24-Nov-2006 03:18  5.6M

Now on to the piano recordings. This is a recording of an improvised 12-bar blues on acoustic piano:
[SND] acousticpiano-12barblues.flac                               24-Nov-2006 01:52   12M
[SND] acousticpiano-12barblues.ogg                                24-Nov-2006 03:19  2.3M
[SND] acousticpiano-12barblues_64kb.mp3                           24-Nov-2006 03:20  1.4M
[SND] acousticpiano-12barblues_vbr.mp3                            24-Nov-2006 03:20  4.5M  

Here's a short improv track with minor tonality and a walking bassline:
[SND] acousticpiano-minorenergeticwithwalkingbass.flac            24-Nov-2006 01:36  7.5M
[SND] acousticpiano-minorenergeticwithwalkingbass.ogg             24-Nov-2006 03:15  1.4M
[SND] acousticpiano-minorenergeticwithwalkingbass_64kb.mp3        24-Nov-2006 03:17  871K
[SND] acousticpiano-minorenergeticwithwalkingbass_vbr.mp3         24-Nov-2006 03:15  2.8M  

This is a short segue I made that would be suitable for transitioning between segments in a TV show, radio, film or other broadcast media.
[SND] balladmellowsegue.flac                                      24-Nov-2006 01:26  3.0M
[SND] balladmellowsegue.ogg                                       24-Nov-2006 03:15  639K 
[SND] balladmellowsegue_64kb.mp3                                  24-Nov-2006 03:15  394K
[SND] balladmellowsegue_vbr.mp3                                   24-Nov-2006 03:15  1.1M  

Finally, here's a take of some turntable scratching I did, using a Technics 1200 turntable, Rane TTM 450 mixer and an Ortofon DJ Pro needle.
[SND] vinyl-99BPM-squelchyexperimentalscratching.flac             24-Nov-2006 03:14   20M
[SND] vinyl-99BPM-squelchyexperimentalscratching.ogg              24-Nov-2006 03:16  3.3M
[SND] vinyl-99BPM-squelchyexperimentalscratching.wav              24-Nov-2006 03:14   42M
[SND] vinyl-99BPM-squelchyexperimentalscratching_64kb.mp3         24-Nov-2006 03:17  1.9M
[SND] vinyl-99BPM-squelchyexperimentalscratching_vbr.mp3          24-Nov-2006 03:16  5.5M

All of these tracks are released under a Creative Commons Attrib license, which means you can use them for pretty much anything you like (including using these songs in your own creations, be they commercial or otherwise) as long as you give credit.

So, go ahead and use these tracks in anything you like! Just give credit, and preferably a link (though not necessary).

Thanks for listening!


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