Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dave's Imaginary Sound Space: Free Music Lunch 01

Revolution Void

Revolution Void Records is a netlabel run by jazz pianist and electronic music producer Jonah Dempcy. The label puts out remixes, collaborations and original music, by Jonah's Revolution Void project and other artists, in styles such as downtempo, electronic jazz (nu-jazz) and instrumental hiphop. Jonah uses Creative Commons licenses which make it easy for people to share and promote his work. Here's a video on YouTube which uses his track Weekend Amnesia as the soundtrack to episode 1 of Father Underground Returns.

The latest offering from Revolution Void is a 10 track instrumental album titled Thread Soul. It was released on 7-25-2006 under a Creative Commons Attrib-NonCommercial license which allows users to freely modify and distribute the album, for non-commercial purposes only.

Thread Soul is the follow-up to the excellent Increase the Dosage album released in 2004.

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