Saturday, December 02, 2006

City Recursion

eightprime writes,
Hello All, I've got a new mix - City Recursion - up at google video. All video input is a series of still photographs I took of cityscapes here in Vancouver on a typically overcast day. The images are then run through a few different audio-responsive feedback chains I built in Pilgrim. Audio for the track is by Revolution Void and is CC licensed via Jamendo. I wasn't able to record and render the video internally on the computer (I think it's a glitch having to do with needing to render feedback loops (infinite regress) in finite timespans) so it's filmed off my studio wall with a handheld digicam. For all that, it turned out really well, I think. Comments and critique welcome. Questions about technique, Pilgrim or anything else, likewise welcome. More about me and what I do (along with strangeness and oddity) at cheers, -w.
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