Sunday, August 13, 2006

R.V. Featured on Reloda

The Revolution Void songs Infornography and Effects Of Elevation were featured on the audioblog Reloda.

I'm a fan of Reloda because they have a nice, simple site layout, and concise, short reviews. (Or, quite commonly, no reviews at all-- just direct links). Although sometimes I prefer to read descriptions and reviews, other times I am happy to just randomly click through links and when I do, I'm usually pleasantly surprised by what I find.

Reloda - Free & Legal MP3 Album Downloads
Saturday, August 12, 2006

Foundry Field Recordings: Buy/Sell/Trade [MP3] from the free EP Fathers As Robots

Revolution Void: Infornography [MP3] from the free album Thread Soul

Revolution Void: Effects Of Elevation [MP3] from the free EP Effects Of Elevation

We & Lisa: Five EP’s including the song When You’re A Baby [MP3]

The Thieves Of Kailua: What Jus’ You Do Me [MP3] from the free album The Thieves Of Kailua

The Past: Two EP’s including the song Don’t Check The Facts [MP3]

Lots of free albums and EP’s from the euro-chic netlabel Alpinechic


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