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Day 239: Revolution Void-Invisible Walls

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220-RevolutionVoidIncreasetheDosage.1.jpgThe release is known as Increase the Dosage by Revolution Void. Jonah Dempcy is behind Revolution Void and has been making this release available at all levels of the Creative Commons pipeline. You can find it at Jamendo and, with links from locations like odeo and cchits and now you have the track Invisible Walls as Day 239 at CC:365.

The release is excellent and an interesting blend of two things I like a lot: studio wizardry and live studio talent. Dempcy is the brains behind the studio wizardry which he backs up with guest appearances by jazz notables such as Matthew Garrison (Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul) and Seamus Blake (Mingus Big Band, Kurt Rosenwinkel). Blake has a very nice solo on Invisible Walls (I’m a big Mingus Big Band fan and when they were playing thursday nights at Fez in NYC I made a point of seeing them if I was in the city). If you like your CC music to bend genres, then Increase the Dosage is for you.

Revolution Void-Invisible Walls (7:00)

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