Thursday, December 22, 2005

bahgheera's orbit

Increase the Dosage was featured on bagheera's orbit with a nice capsule-review:
Revolution Void - Increase The Dosage Jamming breakbeats with jazzy instrumentation. Now this is the way jazz should be done! A modern mixture of old school jazz and new school electro.
Unfortunately the cover art was cropped to a square, so it would fit in with the rest of the CDs. But I suppose it's easier to print and find a case for a square cover, so I understand. To see the full cover (which is a bit wider), click here.
In any case, I'm happy the CD got featured. Thanks, bahgheera!

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bahgheera said...

Nice! Awesome tracks, and thanks for the linkage. I just noticed this when I got a hit from here in my web stats.

Sorry about the image crop, I try to keep them all at 150x150. :(